Since 1999, Kickstart has grown as an international entertainment company, creating original and branded content across many mediums. Constantly evolving, our work style is adaptive to the task at hand. We want to personally tailor our process to benefit our partners and projects.

At Kickstart, we know that identity is everything, and that’s the key to our approach when it comes to development. We’ve spent years working to create incredible entertainment with the content creators we admire.

When developing new projects, our goals are to inspire and empower the creators we work with, so that they feel they are confidently able to put their best foot forward with our support.

From script to concept art to sales, we will hand-pick the right people to support the creative in our hands. We know that having the right talent means a lot, and Kickstart can provide access to a variety of artists, writers, and directors to fit the needs of a given project.

At Kickstart, there really is no “I” in team. By putting the power in the hands of our collaborative “Kickstart Collective” – made up of key artists, supervisors and production staff – we will make sure that there is no stone unturned and no question unasked when it comes to feeling out all corners of a given project. We’re prepared to do the experimentation and research to make sure every project is the best it could be.