Artist Spotlight: Sasha Duncan

Sasha and her #ThisIsAna co-conspirator, Athena Russel.

Sasha and her #ThisIsAna co-conspirator, Athena Russel.

It’s time for another artist spotlight, and this time we’re highlighting the wonderful work of one of our associate producers: Sasha Duncan! Having first joined us in 2014 at the front desk, Sasha has quickly risen to become an instrumental part of our production and development teams.

When she’s not in the Kickstart studio helping shape our projects and processes, she’s working on her own content as a writer, producer, director and editor.

Sasha’s latest work is the first season of her webseries #ThisIsAna, which was recently released and is now available to binge-watch! She also recently directed and edited a music video for Miki Montebello’s song “That One Way.”

What's your favourite colour combination? (2 or 3 colours)
Deep blue, medium rose and light yellow.

Can you think of a particular piece of media that inspired you to become an artist?
Films with a particular style and fantasy to them had a big impact on me growing up Edward Scissorhands and Pleasantville and The Craft. And then as I got older I sort of honed in on what I really love, which is just the story of a real person… because they can be pretty fantastical and crazy and weird. Bachelorette is a recent(ish) favourite.

What's your idea of a perfect Sunday?
Run by the beach. Coffee. A little editing or writing. Brewery with some buds. Home early enough to be able to do some meal prep. Tea. Sleeeeep.

The Cast of #ThisIsAna

The Cast of #ThisIsAna

What was your most memorable non-animation job?
Face painting at a circus. I was thirteen. It was nuts.

You’re stuck on a desert island with a laptop and a USB stick containing the entirety of one show - what show is it?
The Office (US). I will never get tired of it and it IS better.

Pick three characters that describe your personality.
Regina George, Daphne (from Scooby-Doo) and Leslie Knope.

What do you most want to improve in your work?
I’m still working on my confidence in communicating with actors about their performance in character in a way that’s collaborative and respectful (as a director) and while I’m the kinda of person who manually syncs sound and pays attention to where music and transitions meet, I have noooo idea what I’m doing when it comes to editing sound, and would love to improve there.

What’s on your work playlist?
Lately, Lou Val, JONES, and Omar Apollo