Artist Spotlight: Gina Pacheco

This month’s featured Kickstart team member is Gina Pacheco, one of the folks on our editorial team. She and her colleagues in our Secret Editing Dungeon are responsible for making all the different pieces of our shows come together into a cool thing you can watch!

Tell us about your personal project:
"Names Will Never Hurt Me" is a documentary concept that I made while at Film School. This short documentary is exploring the way we tend to feel about the word "fat" and what it really means to us as a society. 

What sparked the idea for this project?
It's something that has always been in the back mind. While at SAIT (film school) we were all encouraged to come up with ideas for the documentary that we have to make. A class mate and I began brain storming and two of our own ideas merged into this concept. Why are we so sensitive to certain words? Especially ones like "Fat". Both of us having grown up as overweight/obese kids and adults, it was something we had struggled with. So the idea of how certain words carry a big impact on us came up and we decided to use the word "Fat" as it was something we both understand quite intimately. 

What’s your favourite part of editing? 
I enjoy that it feels like a puzzle. I have all the pieces, the sound, the clips and then I put them together to make the finished piece. It's a beautiful process. I've always thought there were two types of people, those who paint walls and those who paint pictures. With all the details I notice I feel that editing is all about the details. Creating the final picture.

Can you think of a particular moment when you realized you wanted to be a creator? 
I tend to get inspired to create when I see others inspiration and creations. When I realized that this career path was the one I wanted to do I was about 16, and I wanted to tell stories. I got into editing and telling stories through music videos. It was a bug that bit me and I've been carrying it ever since. 

What is the highlight of your career so far?
This might kind of weird but, it was when I found fan vids for this show I worked on. I got into this career by creating fan videos, so to now be in the position to view fan work for a show I worked on just struck me as something to be proud of. It really felt like everything I had done to get here had come full circle.

What are you trying to improve in your work?
I am always looking get better at telling stories. Execution of story is what I always want to improve. 

What’s your idea of the perfect Sunday?
Honestly, for the longest time it was getting a pint of "Fudge Brownie" Ben & Jerry's and watching Game of Thrones. I am an introvert by nature, so just hanging at home playing video games, chillin', with a little bit of wine. The best moments are when you've done all the chores, house is clean, smelling good, fresh laundry and all you have is the rest of the day to relax and recharge before the start of the week.

What is your most memorable non-animation job?
My most memorable non-industry job would probably be working at this place called "Fun Tycoon". It was an old Chuck E Cheese that got re-purposed into another family friendly restaurant/indoor games. It was a group of young teens working for a company that wasn't exactly equipped to handle the amount of people that came in. It was stressful, we worked 16 hour days on weekends and on weekdays it would be just two or 3 of us running the whole venue. I made a lot of memories and I learned a lot about my own work ethic there.  I also got to beat "House of the Dead 2" with my best friend with an infinite amount of tokens. 

You’re stuck on a desert island with a laptop and a USB stick containing the entirety of one cartoon - what show is it?
Probably something like Family Guy or something that has a lot of seasons. Either that or an anime, and when it's come to anime I can't pick just one. 

Pick 3 cartoon characters that describe your personality.
Lana Kane (Archer), Misty (Pokemon) and Hormone Monstress (Big Mouth).

What have you consumed lately that inspired you to create - podcast, tv, movie, music?
I've been into Billie Eilish lately and her music and how she young is has definitely inspired to create. To write again. Other people being creative helps me be creative. 

What’s on your work playlist?
I listen to everything. Music makes me feel and it inspires me. I have different playlists for my moods while at work. It varies from music scores, to latino pop to hard metal. It really depends on the day.