Friends of Kickstart: Kristine Cofsky


Our Vancouver team has recently grown by quite a bit, and in order to represent all of our glowing faces on the team page, we brought in photographer and Friend of Kickstart Kristine Cofsky. Luckily, she knew how to handle a creative and eclectic bunch and made us (and our studio pets) all look amazing!

If you haven’t seen our new mugshots, check out the Vancouver team page, and make sure to check out Kristine’s work over at her website.

Here are her answers to our questionnaire:

What's your favourite colour combination? (2 or 3 colours)
Black and White! 

What inspired you to become an photographer?
Films! Cinematography and storytelling. I started out in the film industry as an actor, and that has been one of my main inspirations moving into my photography career.

What has been the high point of your career so far?  
Taking possession of my new studio space.

What do you most want to improve in your work? 
Oh, everything.  I am totally self-taught, so am constantly learning and trying to improve my technical skills.  But if I had to pick just one thing- studio lighting.  

What's your idea of a perfect Sunday?
Sleep in, a really good coffee, brunch, and sunshine with my people. 

 What was your most memorable job?
Selling insurance. Memorable because I immediately knew that the 9-5 life was not going to work for me.  

You’re stuck on a desert island with a laptop and a USB stick containing the entirety of one cartoon - what show is it?
The Lion King. 

Pick three cartoon characters that describe your personality
This is so hard!  I don't watch a ton of cartoons, so would likely be pulling from deep childhood memories. How about I give you some of my personality traits and you choose for me.  ;)  Independent, control-freak, sensitive, dreamer.  

What’s a piece of media you’ve consumed lately (tv, movie, music, podcast, etc) that has inspired you to create? 
Chef's Table.

What’s on your work playlist? 
I have a master Spotify list that I am continually adding to everytime I hear something I like.  It's become pretty eclectic, but I love it.