Launched in 2010, Kickstart Publishing has been a welcomed addition in developing and delivering content. Since its inception, we have published twenty-eight graphic novels. We have created valuable partnerships with mega-retailer Walmart, as well as other major book retailers, ensuring our books get into the hands of the widest audience. We have experienced great success with our publishing line, and that’s because our literary content effortlessly merges into the rest of our production pipeline.

We have found publishing to be an incredible creative resource and cherish the artists and writers we work with.

Many of our titles have already been setup or exploited into a variety of long-form media including the feature film Bounty Killer, television movie The Hunters (based the graphic novel Mirror, Mirror), television pilot script Athena (based on the graphic novel Headache) written by Lisa Joy Nolan (Westworld) which was set up at Fox with Chernin Entertainment, and Blacksmith which was set as a feature with Sony Pictures.