Let us tell you a little bit about the places we call home.

In 1999 Jason Netter founded Kickstart in Los Angeles, CA out of a vision to create a company that balanced both creativity and flexibility as its pillars. Kickstart has since grown into a global company with locations in Vancouver, Hong Kong, China, and London with partners from all over the world. Kickstart at its core has been able to bring ideas to life with our ability to personalize our resources in a collaborative environment.

Over the past decade, Kickstart has had its hands in every space of traditional media. Whether it is through advancing an early concept, managing a production or applying one of our many creative services, Kickstart maximizes its rich resources to bring cool ideas to life in a personalized and collaborative environment.

Kickstart's core services include development, live action production for film and television, animation, visual effects, co-financing, as well as literary publishing. Kickstart is based in Los Angeles and has production facilities in Vancouver, Hong Kong, India.

We love our work. We love the people with whom we work. Kickstart is tireless in creating great content that lasts.

With offices in four continents, there are a lot of people who work collaboratively to keep Kickstart running smoothly. You can learn a little more about us as individuals, and check out our local digs by clicking the links above!